13th July 2012 – Artist at Work

Today, I have had the delight of watching Toni Dolfo-Smith, a freelance artist from Vancouver, at work.  He is an abstract artist and his prefered style is to finger paint.  Over 30 minutes, he produced a canvas piece of vibrant colour. I hope you like these photos of a very humble artist at work and the finished piece.

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3 thoughts on “13th July 2012 – Artist at Work

  1. I love it!!! That is how I paint too!

  2. Hi Kate, how are you doing?! It’s been many months since I’ve seen you, but I was off blogging for quite a while. Hope you’re still enjoying life in B.C. and all is going well.
    Love the painter and the fabulous colours in your post!

    • Nice to connect again Jude. I’ve been out of the blogosphere for a while too. I’ve just started another photo blog for this year (https://drawninlight.wordpress.com/). It’s good to be back with my camera in hand. BC is still good to us, although immigration for us is an issue. Still plenty of immigration options to look into. However, it’s not like being in the EU where we can just go into another EU country and settle!!! But how much longer will we Brits have that option?
      As I said, great to connect again. Take care.

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