6th June 2012 – Twists and Turns

Life throws up its inevitable hurdles, twists and turns, which we have to navigate.  Sometime, all we can do is hang on and go with the ride.

It’s the same in nature.  One day can be sunny, the next rainy and plants, crops and flowers can be flattened in a minute.  Yet, they survive.  They have a way of overcoming whatever nature throws at them, because they are part of nature.

Today, I saw this grape-vine growing up along a wire fence.  In order to grow up high, it sends out tendrils that find the fence and then cling onto it, and twist around the wire.  Sometimes, it misses the fence and binds to itself.  I’m sure there is a life story in that somewhere, but for today, here’s the photo.

Vine Tendrils, Grape Vine

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5 thoughts on “6th June 2012 – Twists and Turns

  1. Love the writing and the photo. Thanks for sharing.

  2. as soon as i get myself unhooked from myself, i will leave a comment 😉

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