11th Sept 2012 – Light Games

Sunlight through trees has a wonderful way of playing ‘games’, and then when you add water, the effect can be memorable.


Take my photo:  Bright sunlight shining through trees, and water – gently falling.  The sunlight streamed through both the leaves and the water, creating rays of light that shafted to earth.

(This is a day late due to internet connection issues.  So, technically, I have failed my challenge this year – although I have continued to take photos every day.  Then again, maybe I haven’t failed, but just had a little detour!!!)


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2 thoughts on “11th Sept 2012 – Light Games

  1. Richert Manjarres on said:

    No failure here…just beauty. 🙂

  2. I love it when sunlight deigns to look like pure magic. You have certainly captured this!

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