15th Feb 2012 – Freeze ReFreeze

The winter has many faces, and none moreso than when snow starts melting, but the cold nights refreeze it.

I’m still experimenting with macrophotography and attempted to take some images of the snow as it looks now, having been frozen, melted and refrozen.  Inside the new crystals are amazing shapes, cracks and colour.

In these two photos, the way that air bubbles have been held tightly inside their frozen cell.  Also, the water reflects what is around it, and you may notice the blue sky being reflected in the clear ice.

Both photos were taken with my Canon XS, kit lens with extension ring (12mm), ISO 200, F5.6, Focal Length 28.0mm.  1st Photo at 1/800, 2nd at 1/1250.

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7 thoughts on “15th Feb 2012 – Freeze ReFreeze

  1. love it, whats an extension ring?

    • I wanted to buy a macro lens but they were quite expensive. These are a cheaper alternative. They are really called Extension Tubes, come in a set of 3, made by Kenko so are compatible with Canon. They are attached between camera body and lens (35mm SLR) The 3 tubes of different lengths give, singly or in combination, 7 different lengths.
      I’m starting with the 12mm, but there is also a 20mm and 36mm which takes the image closer and to much more detail. Need to use a tripos where possible because of the possibility of camera shake, even with Image Stabiliser.
      thanks for the question. Hope that helps you. Still learning and it’s a very enjoyable, steep learning curve.

  2. These are great!

  3. thanks for that, I am only just starting out, so still learning heaps, I tried to take a few macro shots by reversing the lens, but thats tricky…

  4. love love love this one!

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