Rain Reflections

Sometimes, the weather just comes together to produce something before your eyes that just ‘sings’.  Reflections are not just for mirrors!  Wet surfaces also reflect well, as in this “Rain Reflections” photo.

Taken immediately after a rain storm, and just as the sun came out from behind a cloud, these strong white chairs reflected wonderfully in the wet, dark wooden boards of the garden deck.

Also, not only did the light come together, but the lines of the chairs, the kitchen bar and the wooden floor, all added to the sharpness of this photo.

4 white wooden bar stools, lit by sun, reflected in wet wooden decking

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4 thoughts on “Rain Reflections

  1. Wonderful eye and photo!

    • Thank you Cee. It was just one of those moments that came together AND I had the camera in my hand!! Oh how many shots I’ve missed because the camera was not easily accessible. Lol.

  2. Great shot! As you already said, both the reflection and the lines make this photo 🙂

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