Drought lovers: Cacti

With so many places in the world experiencing warmer and drier temperatures, many gardeners and horticulturists are looking to different plants for their landscaping that are drought resistant.  Cacti are becoming a plant of choice as Xeriscape gardening becomes more and more popular is semi-desert areas such as the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia.

With its unique environment, the Okanagan experiences climates similar to that found in Arizona, USA.  This means that cacti are more popular; capable of withstanding the long, hard and cold winters and the searing heat and drought conditions of the summers.

I have a friend who grows cacti to sell.  I had the opportunity to photograph some of his collection.  I concentrated on the spines that each plant grows – its own protection against marauding wildlife who would eat, and drink from, these plants to survive the hard desert conditions.

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4 thoughts on “Drought lovers: Cacti

  1. Interesting. Growing up in Ontario, I always remember the Okanagan Valley referred to as being an apple growing region.

    • It is! Along with cherries, peaches, nectarines. It is also an incredible area for vines, with very sandy, impoverished soil, which grapes love. But as water becomes more and more of a scarcity, then gardeners are looking to change what they do in order for there to be enough. Hence cacti. Thanks for taking the time to comment on my post. I appreciate it.

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