Vancouver – A Photo Scavenger Hunt

I’ve had a great time rushing around Vancouver on a scavenger hunt with my camera.  I was part of a team competing against three other teams who were given challenges to photograph around the city.

For example: a typical Vancouver sign; relaxing in Vancouver; something big and orange.  Well the list was long, and it gave me the opportunity to snap things I wouldn’t normally.  So here is my very quick look at Vancouver through my camera lens while rising to a challenge.

Travel photography can be fun at times……

Disclaimer: I have only been able to include photos of myself, or where the identity of a person is not easily identifiable.  For many photos I did not obtain permission to post on the web.  I hope you understand.

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5 thoughts on “Vancouver – A Photo Scavenger Hunt

  1. What a great idea – the laughing statues are slightly scary

    • They aren’t my favourite either. thanks for the comment. I think I might actually create a challenge like this for myself to do over a weekend or something.

  2. I happen to like the laughing statutes. You did a good job on finding so many good things to do at Stanley Park.

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