Colours of Spring

This is the last post of the mini-series about spring colours.  This compilation of photos contains the ‘ones that got away’.  The flowers are still vibrant with colour, pinks, creams, whites – but because of rain or wrong camera settings, they didn’t make the initial posts.

So, I hope you enjoy Bleeding Hearts, azalea, Pieris, more magnolia and camellia, and salmonberry – a Rufous hummingbird’s friend as it migrates north.  Apparently, the hummingbird follows the opening flowers up the western coast of Canada, therefore ensuring its survival.  I love how nature works!

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5 thoughts on “Colours of Spring

  1. bleedings hearts, definitely spring is here/

    • I agree. Vancouver has been looking amazing. Shame the rain comes and starts to pull the blossoms off the cherry trees. Mind you, there is a beauty about them lying on the grass, turning it from green to pink for a while!

  2. stunning photos! here in London (uk) is still winter 😦 so it is nice to see some spring!

    • Spring will come to London – I’ve lived there for all of my life except the last two years. It all bodes well for a good summer for the UK. Here’s hoping.

  3. I have really enjoyed this series. Makes me look forward to the colors of spring 🙂

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