Shadows Cast

It is a pleasure to walk in the bright warming rays after long grey days of rain and cloud.  The sun is not yet that high in the sky so is able to cast long shadows on the grass.

In a couple of months time, we will have forgotten the wonder of such sights.  We will become used to the sun shining around us and, what was new and fresh, runs the danger of becoming old and stale.

I took the opportunity to photograph the long tree shadows in both colour and monochrome.  I don’t know which works better at highlighting the shadows.  

What do you think?

Tree shadow copyrighted

Tree shadow monochrome copyrighted

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2 thoughts on “Shadows Cast

  1. Usually I would go with the b&w, but I like the green in the colored one. 🙂

  2. i like the black and white 😉

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