A winter visitor

Birds from the north often migrate south and overwinter in southern British Columbia.  One of these winter visitors is the varied thrush.

This varied thrush was foraging for food in Stanley Park, Vancouver.  Its colouring camouflaged it well against the brown earth and dark decaying leaves, but it decided to pose for me in the sun today, and I was able to view this striking bird and it’s colours.

Varied Thursh copyrighted


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11 thoughts on “A winter visitor

  1. Beautiful Pic! I used to live in Stanley Park Ont. ha!

  2. Wow, beautiful shot!

  3. Poor little guy! His feet look cold.

  4. Such a pretty bird! Great photo 🙂

    • Thanks Robyn. He was such a cheeky bird, posing, looking at the camera, giving me a side shot or face on angle!!!! It was almost as if he knew I was taking his photo.

  5. Beautiful shot! Love the light. 🙂

  6. Great shot! I have quite a few of these feathery friends in my yard as of late but I’ve been having trouble getting any good pics – I’m impressed!

    • Thanks. I love their colours which blend so well into the winter undergrowth. If it wasn’t for them making noise as they foraged under the leaves to find food, I wouldn’t have noticed them at first. Glad this one decided he wanted to be noticed!!

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