We are all on a journey

Journeys are not always about physical movement.  They can be progression through life, with all its changes, lessons to learn and expectations to look forward to.  I’m on a journey as I move into my 51st year.  The children are no longer young, but adults themselves, with adult responsibilities.  I am moving into a new time in my life; new outlook; new work; new country; new possibilities.

However, today has been a day of physical travel for me, returning to the city after Christmas and New Year in the BC interior.  The one thing you are guaranteed when you travel in BC is scenery and, at this time of the year, snow – well if you are outside of the Vancouver area anyway!!

So the journey was spectacular, snowy, cold and magical.

The road less travelled copyrighted

The icicles below were a stunning surprise on the roadside – someone had dripped colouring into the snow that slowly seeped into the ice.  Wonderful.

Coloured icicles copyrighted

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7 thoughts on “We are all on a journey

  1. Wow! That ice is amazing! Great shots, and glad you’re back safe and sound!

  2. Beautiful scenery … ah I long for the snow and cold, living in the desert of Southwest US. Thank you for these beautiful pictures. YES, we are on a journey and sometimes it twists in ways we can certainly not foresee.

    • We are blessed with all four seasons here, though there are times in the middle of this cold spell that I would like to fly down to where you are for a couple of weeks!!! thanks for commenting. I appreciate your visit.

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  4. love the blue tones in the second photo. we haven’t seen much of the white stuff here. rain and more rain.
    artyange photo images

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