Weekly Photo Challenge – Delicate


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29 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Delicate

  1. Beautiful up-close of the snowflakes! I can really see the delicacy of the individual ones!

  2. Very Impressive and VERY delicate!

  3. I get a chill just looking at the ice crystals!

  4. That is a nice capture.

  5. Just one word… amazing!!!

  6. Thank you for sharing this…..I love it.

  7. Really good – I like it very much!

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  9. wow, how did you capture this? so exquisite.

    • This was taken on a Canon XS (EOS 1000) 800 ISO, 1/1000 at 5.6
      The crystals were forming on the side of a support post at just about eye level – too high for a tripod. So this was a hand held macro photo taking into account that I could not get too close in case I shook the camera too much. I was very pleased with the way these turned out.

  10. I love the detail in the snowflakes! They’re so cool! Great job on the focus.

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