13th Dec 2012 – Beaded Jewelry

What is it about jewelry that attracts us, ladies?  Remember as a young child, the simplest of jewelry whether metal or otherwise, would be worn with pride.  For a while, we young ladies would think that we were the richest of women.   Oh the dressing up box.  Any surplus material and items would soon adorn a ‘princess’.  The innocence of it all.

Rings created from beads were often found at table top sales, sold at school fairs, or retrieved at charity/thrift stores.  A few weeks ago, I found some rings – created to look like roses.  To me, now, they look cheap and nasty.  Yet, to every young female under the age of about 10, these rings are probably priceless.

This is a macro shot of one of those rings.  Hope it brings back a memory or two!!!

Bead Ring 2

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3 thoughts on “13th Dec 2012 – Beaded Jewelry

  1. that reminded me of something funny. when i was a kid, i asked my Grandmother if I could borrow one of her dresses to use as part of a clown costume…lol

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