2nd Dec 2012 – Dyed Blue Orchid

I love orchids.  If you have followed my blog long enough, you will already know that.  However, as much as I love orchids I don’t always like it when they are manipulated to suit a market.

Yes I know that my Phalaenopsis orchid has been modified to make it a plant that is adaptable to living indoors, and I can accept that.  I don’t like it when plants of any kind are changed by making them ingest coloured water, in other words – dyed.  The result is so false.

Having said that, they still make interesting photo subjects.

A blue Thai Orchid

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9 thoughts on “2nd Dec 2012 – Dyed Blue Orchid

  1. This is awesome! I have a few like this too!

  2. it is a spectacular photo!

  3. Very cool photo!

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