12th Nov 2012 – My portfolio expands – literally!

If you have followed me recently, you will know that I took the step of freeing my photos.  I had some printed into cards and pamphlets.  If you missed the post check it out here.  Today, my photo portfolio expanded ‘big time’.

I’ve gone bigger in my risk-taking!!!  I had 12 of my photos blown up.  And I mean ‘blown up’!  Check out the pic below of me holding one of my photos.  My mind hasn’t expanded enough yet, so I am still in a bit of a daze!.

If you want to see the original post of the zoom burst above then click here.

I’m going to have to set up a sales site now.  Come and buy.

Be the first to purchase any of my photos found here on my blog.  Contact me by using the form found within the “About Me” page so that we can talk further.

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4 thoughts on “12th Nov 2012 – My portfolio expands – literally!

  1. Fantastic! Good luck. 🙂

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