28th Oct 2012 – There is sun after all!

You can tell by the title of this post that I have missed something the last few days – in fact weeks.  I thought I knew about rain and cloud coming from the UK, but no, I did not.

Vancouver has had non-stop rain or thick grey cloud cover for the past week or so that has left me feeling rather “seasonally affected” or “SAD”.  Today, however, all that changed and it was a surreal experience seeing this orb of light rising in the eastern sky!

What an uplift to my spirit.

The sun cast shadows in the living room that made for an interesting abstract photograph.  I’m learning to embrace other styles of art and photography.  I never thought I would see such lines and shadows as interesting, but this is what happens when you open yourself up to new things!  And that can only be good.

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3 thoughts on “28th Oct 2012 – There is sun after all!

  1. Awesome shot and yay for sun!!

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  3. A very cool shot! Love it 🙂

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