25th Oct 2012 – Cranes and Clouds

It was strange watching clouds roll in over Vancouver today, or rather watching clouds move over the Burrard Inlet between Vancouver and the mountains.

I attempted to photo the clouds but from where I was, they were obscured by the cranes being used to build tall office and apartment blocks, and the existing skyline.

What I love about this photo today is the lines.  They are everywhere.

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4 thoughts on “25th Oct 2012 – Cranes and Clouds

  1. Great photo- looks almost aggressive.

    • I was trying to photograph the clouds with a kit lens up to 55mm!!! Didn’t see the crane until post-production. I am very pleased with this photo and the way that the lines have emerged. It certainly is not a ‘soft’ photo!!!
      Thanks for your comment and please visit again.

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  3. I agree: the lines are great. Fab shot. 🙂

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