21st Oct 2012 – Paint

Do you paint?  Does the idea of putting paint to canvas scare you?  It does me.

I am often embarrassed at what I paint.  I’m intimidated when I attend training or courses that incorporate painting as a means of expression.  There is skepticism that anything of worth will ever be created on paper or canvas by my fair hand.

I go through all sorts of emotions: stupidity, foolishness, despair (often expressed by a deep ache in my stomach).

My husband seems to risk more when it comes to painting.  At least he attempts it, whereas I will do everything I can to stop picking up an artist’s paintbrush!

Give me a camera anytime…..

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2 thoughts on “21st Oct 2012 – Paint

  1. well you know my answer, and i go through all those emotions every time…then when i’m done i think about my lack of talent and how really can’t draw!

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