14th Oct 2012 – It’s a purple thing.

Purple.  What does it mean to me?

I am beginning to love this colour.  Maybe it’s my age!  the phrase ‘Ladies in Lavender’ comes to mind!

Maybe, as autumn draws in, it becomes more fashionable  as it could be considered a ‘fruitful’ colour.  I’m sure that is has symbolism for many cultures;  a significance in dreams; even a trigger for happy and passionate memories.

Today, I paid a very quick visit to IKEA.  I had to be very restrained, but I came away with these lovely candles, fragrant with raspberry and blackberry – apparently.  It is certainly a fruitful smell!

Purple: What does it mean to you?

Let me know via the comments form below.

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7 thoughts on “14th Oct 2012 – It’s a purple thing.

  1. Beautiful image…purple has always signified love to me for some reason.
    like this

    • As a child, I always perceived lavender (particularly the smell) with old ladies. Now that I am an older lady, I am loving the smell. Also, now that they know the value of its essential oils, it is no longer an old ladies thing.

  2. Your photo is beautiful, Kate. Enjoy your candles 🙂

    For me, purple emanates a kind of mystery. I do not like pink, but I love purple.

    And French lavender fields take my breath away.

  3. Purple (lavender) makes me think of the imaginary cloak I wear when I’m “The Wizard” – the very thing that allows me to openly express myself……Thanks for sharing.

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