12th Oct 2012 – It’s ‘murder’ here – Crows one!

Today has been a very grey day here in Vancouver.  Everything is soaked with rain.  Even the crows have taken to flocking together for comfort, companionship and commiseration.

This murder of crows (yes, that’s the collective noun for crows) was on the roof opposite my home.  There were several others on the telephone cables nearby.  I felt very sorry for them, but they just sat there, crowing to each other, and letting the water run off their backs.

Not the best shot today.  The light was so low that I had to use ISO 1600 so that has meant the photo is ‘noisy’.

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3 thoughts on “12th Oct 2012 – It’s ‘murder’ here – Crows one!

  1. Oh hey. Looks like the crows have mad it all the around the world and back to North America. LOL I finally posted my “not so good ” photo of a Murder of Crows” Maybe something Alfred Hitchcock-ish “Birds” is going on.

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