11th Oct 2012 – Autumn’s Path

Many of us have our favourite spots to enjoy the vibrant colours of autumn, as the greens of the trees give way to reds, golds and oranges.  Part of the journey to my favourite spot is the joy of walking the path that leads to that place of enjoyment.  What does the path that you tread look like?

Here is one of mine: ordinary, yet tree-lined with the most beautifully coloured trees.  This is a real joy in the morning.

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6 thoughts on “11th Oct 2012 – Autumn’s Path

  1. Ahh! I love the red here! It’s beautiful! ^_^ Thank you for sharing this photo!

    • The red is very strong in this tree. I don’t remember such vivid reds back in the UK. I think Vancouver Parks has purposefully planted trees that change to strident colour in the autumn. There are many roads lined with just red trees, or just gold trees. It has been planned well. I love it all.
      Thanks for visiting here. Hope to see you again.

      • kyle78234 on said:

        It was definitely my pleasure visiting! And I will definitely be coming again as I am following you now 🙂 oh and about the tres! I wish places in the United States would plan like that… We need more beautiful places

  2. lovely photo. the colour is so pretty

  3. that’s a brilliant shot!!

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