4th Oct 2012 – Autumn here, Spring there

I sometimes can’t get my head around the geographical fact that the southern hemisphere is getting ready for warmer weather.  Spring is sprung.  As we begin to feel the grip of autumnal cooler winds here in Vancouver (and my home country, the UK), places like Australia, and continents like South America and Southern Africa, are beginning to enjoy the lengthening days and the warmer temperatures.  It is Autumn here, and Spring there.

I am feeling a little low as the sun looses its warmth here in British Columbia and I would love to be somewhere south of the Equator, somewhere like South Africa.  The nearest I am going to get is to enjoy the wonderful South African plant, Protea.  It comes across as a strong, indelicate plant, yet it has the softest of hairs on the outside that dispel any thoughts you may have of it being an ugly, harsh flower.  It truly is beautiful in its strangeness.

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One thought on “4th Oct 2012 – Autumn here, Spring there

  1. it is beautiful and hugs xo

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