23rd Sept 2012 – Making the most of the sun

WARNING: Snake alert.

Autumn is drawing in and that means nature is making the most of the last warm days of summer.  Wildlife is hoarding food to make sure of survival.  For snakes, who rely on the sun to keep them moving, getting the most of the warmth in order to feed is vital.

This “Wandering” Garter snake, camouflaged against the browning leaves and twigs, was sunbathing.  I love the brightness of the colours running down its back.  What a way to blend in.

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5 thoughts on “23rd Sept 2012 – Making the most of the sun

  1. you’d have to know i love it! did you know they have to completely have their food digested before they go into hibernation or it will rot in them?

  2. Although I always appreciate nature’s way, I must admit snakes and I are not on the same page. Next to tornados, I like snakes best! Wonderful photo – great colors!

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