7th Sept 2012 – Modern Architecture in Monochrome

The Vancouver skyline is very impressive (as all major cities are), but one of the very noticeable sights is the Science World dome – a wonderful piece of modern architecture.

In today’s bright sunshine, the glare from the triangular panels could be blinding, but as the sun moved around, the reflection mellowed.  As with most harsh architecture, I have found the best way of photographing this is in black and white.  It seems to bring out the textures more.  Colour distracts from the overall photo, and you lose something when not using monochrome – in my opinion.

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4 thoughts on “7th Sept 2012 – Modern Architecture in Monochrome

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  2. Peter Bryenton on said:

    Thanks for linking to one of my monochrome shots Kate. Have you seen what Infra-red can do for architectural work in the right lighting?


    • Thanks for this link Peter. I only have basic camera equipment at the moment. Infra-red: Not a cheap piece of kit I would imagine, so it will have to go on my wish list, but the effects are very dramatic. thank you for the share.

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