31st August 2012 – Grasshoppers…. again.

It often confuses me…. am I looking at a grasshopper or a cricket?

I have since learned that grasshoppers are often out during the day and that crickets are nocturnal.  There are other distinguishing features such as the length of the antennae.  Having learned a little, I am now pretty confident that this creature is….. a grasshopper.  (Forgive me if previous posts of mine have served to only confuse you….!!!)

I first noticed this one out of the corner of my eye.  The grasshopper had landed on a leaf, making it bounce, and was crawling slowly up the dried out poppy stem to the top.  Once at the top, the grasshopper was kind enough to wait there for me to photograph it before hopping off the poppy head to nearby greenery, where I then lost it.

Grasshopper clinging to a dried out poppy seed head

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