23rd August 2012 – Celebrating with food!!

Today has been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster for me and my wonderful husband, Steve.  We have changed our immigration status in Canada from tourist to temporary work permit (religious worker).  This is a big deal and we are celebrating.

With a couple of wonderfully close friends, we went out for a chinese buffet.  I don’t often photograph food, but I have today.  I’m not 100% happy with the finished image, but in some ways, I don’t really mind – because we were celebrating the next stage in our lives here in Canada.

So, get stuck in…..

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13 thoughts on “23rd August 2012 – Celebrating with food!!

  1. trailofcrumbsblog on said:

    That is funny because we were thinking of getting a Chinese buffet yesterday too! – Nicole

    • They are good fun and if you find a really good buffet then the temptation to go back regularly is great! This was a better one, and I made sure that I had plenty of green stuff on my plate (it’s buried here) and a full plate of salad too.

  2. WHOOOOHOOOO!!!!!!!!!! Congrats! and now i’m hungry! 😉

  3. More Canada days to be a blessing to others! Congrats!

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