21st August 2012 – The Thunderstorm

We were warned that thunderstorms were a possibility today.  Well, you can’t have weeks of hot weather without it being broken at some point in these mountains.

You could see the storm approaching.  It started with my favourite clouds – ventricular clouds and then cumulus clouds bubbled up over the mountains surrounding the Okanagan Valley here in Penticton.   These gradually darkened and thickened.  Eventually, rain clouds, thick and heavy flowed in from the south-west.

Some of these dark clouds looked vicious, with bubbles and swirls.  I’ve never seen these before.  Another testament to the wonders of nature and weather.

Hopefully, you will enjoy the slide show below of the clouds as they approached Penticton and eventually engulfed us.   What a sight.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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