19th August 2012 – Ventricular Clouds…. again

One thing that I have started to do more regularly is to observe the clouds, and in Penticton, the clouds roll in across the mountains and then divide to bypass the Okanagan Valley here.  It’s a strange phenomenon but one that I am grateful for.  Today, in amongst the cumulus clouds, ventricular clouds started to form.  These are normally only found in mountainous regions, and indicate winds at an extremely high altitude.

Today was a warm one – 33 degrees Celsius in Penticton.  Along with some friends, we had a picnic and then a football game (soccer to you North Americans!!!)  Well, I sat in the shade of a tree while the fool-hardy played football!

Although I should have watched the football and cheered on my husband, it was the clouds that had more of my attention.  This photo shows a thin ventricular cloud ‘covering’ a cumulus cloud like a veil or shawl. It was quite breath-taking to see.

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3 thoughts on “19th August 2012 – Ventricular Clouds…. again

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