15th August 2012 – New suspension bridge at Port Mann

There is a lot of construction along the Trans-Canada Highway and they are building a new suspension bridge to cross the Fraser River at Port Mann.  It has an incredible beauty about it.

The strong suspension ties are shining white at the moment – makes me wonder how long that will remain once all the traffic gets going over the bridge.  I managed to get some shots of these ties as they exit the columns as we drove by at around 80k/hr.  Not easy, but I was pleased with my results.

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5 thoughts on “15th August 2012 – New suspension bridge at Port Mann

  1. Very cool. Great contrast against the blue sky.

    • Thanks Inga. I must confess that I didn’t try and play about with the camera settings as I was being driven past this amazing structure. I set the camera to automatic and just adjusted the lens. It was one of the rare moments to let the camera do all of the work. I love the way it all turned out.

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