14th August 2012 – A study in Monochrome

I took a walk by the docks along the Burrard Inlet that separates North Vancouver from the main part of Vancouver and the downtown area.  It is a busy, thriving dock which serves cargo ships of all sizes, as well as enormous trains of the Canadian Pacific that travel across the whole of the North American continent.

Dockside infrastructure is strong, angular and harsh.  I decided to use this walk as an opportunity to use monochrome.  I couldn’t decide on one photo, so once again, please enjoy the slideshow.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Which photo is your favourite?

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8 thoughts on “14th August 2012 – A study in Monochrome

  1. very nice! i think the first one is my favourite!

  2. I’m only seeing one big; all the others are tiny tiny. ??

  3. Okay, that’s weird. When I hit publish, all the pics became big.

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  6. Richert Manjarres on said:

    Very lovely. My favorite is the side view of the bridge.

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