12th August 2012 – Gladioli

I found this wonderfully coloured gladioli today.  I usually expect them to be single colours but this multi-coloured flower is a delight.

It was a bit breezy when I took the photo so I wasn’t able to get the whole flower in focus as the frilly petals were ruffled by the breeze.

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6 thoughts on “12th August 2012 – Gladioli

  1. a bit breezy or crazy Pen. windy? lol nice shot!

  2. Thanks for the link, as you are into photography, you might want to check out the photoshopped version on black, white and red all over ( a friend shopped it for me – not my talent)

  3. taniamend on said:

    Wow this is so beautiful, i love everything, from the colors to the way the flower opens upto be captured! Another great shot… This pic reminds me of my dearest grandma and auntie whose influenced me to appreciate flowers and sewing.

  4. Beautiful shot! I just love the colors. 🙂

  5. This is so beautiful! You have the photo tagged, would it be okay if I used it as a background?

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