3rd August 2012 – Hop

Found today, in amongst the sandy soil of an orchard, this grasshopper – that isn’t green!

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8 thoughts on “3rd August 2012 – Hop

  1. 🙂 that was cute, i remembered my childhood days when i also try to hop to catch a grasshopper. I had shot a ladybug that wasn’t red (i’ll post it someday), now its a grasshopper; is it us that is color blind or it is really their nature to fade color? hahaha! By the way, love the black stripes & its edges, and its seems that the wings was amazingly covered with lace, nice shot!

    • This one was being held when I photographed it. I agree with you that the black/white markings on it’s strong back legs are amazing. I do think that they change colour to adapt to their environment. And the detail is amazing – something you don’t see when you are using your naked eye. That’s the wonder of photography and zooming/trimming in on a photo. Thanks for your comments.

  2. fantastic shot!

  3. Wow the colours on this area amazing!! Never seen a Grasshopper with all those colours before, great shot Kate!

    • I always thought grasshoppers had to be green but I suppose they adapt to their environment. This was at least a couple of inches long too. This leads me to think it may not be just a simple grasshopper!!!

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