31st July 2012 – Hot and Spicy – Chilies

I love Chilies, particularly in Mexican food (well, Tex/Mex!) and curries.  There are over 3000 chili varieties, apparently, all with varying levels of heat and spiciness.  I make my own curries thanks to an Indian friend who bought me a wonderful cookbook teaching me everything I need to know!

The best way of getting the chili you need is to grow your own and they are fairly simple to grow at home on the windowsill.  Make sure you start them early enough in the year, with an extra heat source (if you don’t live in a warm/hot climate all year round) to get them germinated and started into growth, so that you have plenty of chilies in the summer and autumn.  Then, just pick them straight from the plant when you need to add something hot and spicy!!!

And when you come to use them, remember – handle with care!  Milk or yoghurt is great for taking the sting out of your hands if you over do it!  And great to eat with your taco or curry as it cools down the heat so well.

Chilies ripening ready for use.

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7 thoughts on “31st July 2012 – Hot and Spicy – Chilies

  1. It like Thai food!!! Cheers Nonoy Manga

  2. yes and i learned the hard way not to rub my eyes after cutting one up! lol i love chili’s too! nice pic.

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