19th July 2012 – The world of insects

Surprises met me today.  The surprises were in the form of insects – more numerous in number in the world than humans!

Dune bugs, Ladybird Larvae and Swallowtail butterflies: all appeared today and I was able to capture them in the lens.

The Dune bug decided to attach itself to me while I was picking cherries this morning.  It obviously likes the trees for shelter when it rests and I disturbed it.  I love the fanned ‘feelers’ that the bug possesses, and what an incredible ‘nose’.

The Swallowtail butterfly has alluded me for some time.  I constantly see them flying about but they never seem to settle.  Well, today, one obliged.  OK – it decided to keep well out of my way but thank goodness for a zoom lens!

Finally, I found the larvae of the ladybird on Globe Artichoke plants.  The plants were infested with blackfly and aphids – the staple food of ladybirds.  There were plenty of the red and black flying beetles about, but there were also plenty of the next generation feasting too.  This macrophoto shows how alien-like these larvae are.  I did not know about their armour plating!

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5 thoughts on “19th July 2012 – The world of insects

  1. The texture of your macro are very nice!!! Cheers Nonoy Manga

  2. have i mentioned how talented you are?!! those are rockin shots!!

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