8th July 2012 – The Candian Rockies

Today, Steve and I drove from Penticton to Calgary.  We started at about 5am (PT) and arrived at 4.30pm (MT), an 11 hour drive with some stops for refreshment and relief!

The mountains were hazy today, so the photos I have are not pristine because I don’t possess enough kit yet to prevent such things happening (I think I need a polariser?)  Still, here is what I think are the best of a lot of photos.

Love the three layers and lines in this photo moving from bottom left to top right.

Impressive peaks that man was determined to conquer. They put a railway though these peaks before the road. Determination that cost many lives.

Still plenty of snow on these mountains, feeding the glaciers underneath.

An incredible piece of engineering. The amount of rock they had to cut through and the tonnes of concrete is beyond my imagination.

You can see where forest fires have wiped out the trees.

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6 thoughts on “8th July 2012 – The Candian Rockies

  1. Are you in town for the Stampede?

  2. Great shots. I placed your pic as a guest photo of the day on my site. Peace

  3. nice! i hope your trip was good! when we drove through i saw them but i was too tired to care!

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