4th July 2012 – Natures Spires

Travel to the great university city of Oxford in the UK and you will be told about it numerous spires, attached to churches and prestigious universities.  In fact you won’t be able to miss them.  They seem to be around every corner.  As beautiful as those spires are, I believe nature can compete extremely well.

Natures spires can be extremely tall as in the Californian Redwoods, or quite small as depicted in my photos for today.  All of these spires were found in the garden.

Poppy seed heads

Iris leaves and lavender heads

Next time you are in your garden, or in the park, seek out these natural spires.   Take a photo and then link back to this post.  I’d love to share in what you find.

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2 thoughts on “4th July 2012 – Natures Spires

  1. awesome, i love the poppies hidden in there too!

  2. Beautiful! Love the idea of spires in nature.

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