3rd July 2012 – A waiting game.

Today started out with thunderstorms and as much as I wanted, and hoped, to be able to get a photograph of lightning, I knew that I was not set up to do that.  Still, it did rain, and hailed!

However, we are always optimistic and so is the garden.  This sun chair was getting rather a soaking but to me, it too was patiently waiting for the warmer sun to shine once the clouds had dispersed.

All of us play our waiting game.

Green wooden garden chair

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7 thoughts on “3rd July 2012 – A waiting game.

  1. we have rain here too. i don’t think the chair was being patient, i think it was happy to not have someone’s butt sitting on it! lol lovely shot!

  2. you are optimistic waiting for the sun to come out and the clouds to be dispersed, here i am reading this optimistic post and hoping that the sun would stop grinning and the clouds would bring rains to beat the overtly generous burning sun! 😀

    • There is one thing that we will always be dissatisfied about and that is the weather. I’ll probably be complaining in a couple of weeks that it is too hot too! Thanks for sharing here. Hope to see you here again sometime.

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