30th June 2012 – After the rain

Yep, its been raining.  The weather has not been in favour of a long holiday weekend here in the Okanagan Valley.  I hope that the Canada Day celebrations are not washed out tomorrow.

There is something very attractive after the rain has passed.  While the garden is still wet, and with the sun shining, the water droplets look like diamonds.  There is a freshness, a cleansing feel to the garden.

Be inspired.

Raindrops trapped in the cobweb

Raindrenched Lily

Puddles on the Poppies

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10 thoughts on “30th June 2012 – After the rain

  1. Really beautiful photos! 😀

  2. amystanton1606 on said:

    I really love the second photo! But all are Beautiful! x

  3. originalribenababy on said:

    Love the lily shot. We’ve had a lot of ran here too – think they said a months worth in two hours! It got so deep in some parts police were stranded on top of their landrovers till it went down!

  4. Superb! Wonderful images!

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