27th June 2012 – Perseverance

I took a pleasant bike ride along the KVR trail towards Naramata today.  You do not have to be a serious cyclist to do this trail.  On light gravel, the inclines are gentle and long, just right for a fine weather cyclist like me!  No perseverance required here!

The trail passes through vineyards and orchards.  Cycling through these wonderfully lush acres you would thing that the Okanagan Valley truly flowed with milk and honey – or wine and cherries!!

I found this clematis determined to hang on and show its colour whilst intertwined in a wooden fence.  After kilometers of green leaves, it’s strong purple colour was a joy to behold.  It was persevering in its fight for survival.

Purple Clematis

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5 thoughts on “27th June 2012 – Perseverance

  1. i LOVE that picture!!

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