25th June 2012 – Ornithology – Birds to you and me!!

I decided to take a long walk today.  It was raining, grey and pleasantly cool so I packed my camera, dragged my husband along and went on a walk that was probably about 8 miles (approx. 13km) altogether.

It’s at times like these that you are grateful for the rain, because it keeps the people away, yet the wildlife aren’t put off.  There are still plenty of creatures out there – living.  It was an ornithologists day today.  Bird watchers heaven!

This Great Blue Heron was next to a dam which, due to the significant rainfall, was having to let water through from the nearby Okanagan Lake to keep water levels at a safe level.

We have goldfinches in the UK, but they are not too common these days.  This American Goldfinch was definitely happy to be seen.  It had joined a small flock of sparrows on the look out for seeds.

Finally, a member of the flycatcher family, the Eastern Kingbird.  This monochrome bird is about the size of a blackbird, not small like those I normally see.  I have never seen this bird before, so I was thrilled to see something new.

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3 thoughts on “25th June 2012 – Ornithology – Birds to you and me!!

  1. what a great idea and awesome shots! what was Hubby doing in the me meantime? 😉

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