20th June 2012 – Man-Made Patterns 3

I took a bike ride along part of the Kettle Valley Railway Trail today (KVR Trail) from Penticton, towards Summerland.  There are a number of wooden bridges crossing the trail, which allow motor vehicles across.  Being underneath these wooden structures as cars go across can be a little disconcerting!

But one of the advantages of being underneath the bridge is that you can see the structure and engineering that has gone into building them.  The wooden struts, pillars, lintels and cross pieces make up their own patterns and I hope that the photos I took help you get an idea of what a beautiful piece of work it truly is, and what a great example of man-made patterns they are.

And put the two together and you get….

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One thought on “20th June 2012 – Man-Made Patterns 3

  1. i love these shots!

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