17th June 2012 – Patterns in Nature 7

Today is the final day for me to purposefully photograph and post patterns in nature.  It’s a mixed bag today but the photos were all taken in a garden and they show the patterns to be found there, if you look hard enough.

So, to the rose garden and the border we go.

Apart from the cornflower blue, the pattern of the evenly placed petals and stamens in a circle is wonderful.

Then you have the roses; the unfurling petals create a delicate pattern by themselves, but then viewed from the side, you can see the fully opened rose has diagonal and diamond shapes produced by the petals.

This photo below would have been better with a macro lens or an extension ring on the camera, but the subject wasn’t around long enough to allow me to change lenses.  I hope you will forgive the quality, but the pattern is still distinctive.  There are patterns on the wings and body of this incredibly colourful fly.

Want to check out another pattern on a larger scale?  Check out Karl Lindsay’s photo for today from Africa: Day 353: Patterns

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3 thoughts on “17th June 2012 – Patterns in Nature 7

  1. Thanks Kate. You are right. Patterns are everywhere.. we just have to look for them!

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