11th June 2012 – Patterns in Nature

One thing that has become very evident to me is that we are surrounded by patterns, whether in nature, or in the man-made world.  I thought it would be good to spend a little time looking at patterns this week, so for the next couple of days I’m going to post some here to whet your appetite.

Here are two macrophotographs, each displaying a natural pattern.  The first is of a small succulent with its red-tipped ‘petals’ circling out from the centre


The second is of the same flower that I posted yesterday with the spider.  The detail of the yellow centre is wonderful, made up of pentagonal type pollen centres, each working together to create the ‘imitation sun’ that you see here.

Daisy Head

Why don’t you join me this week and see what patterns you find and then post them.  They can be from anywhere.  By all means, link back to this post so that others can see what you have found.

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5 thoughts on “11th June 2012 – Patterns in Nature

  1. beautiful! and no spider! lol

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