10th May 2012 – A Week of Red – Power Ball

There is a power sub-station at the bottom of our mountain, and its extending power lines cross over a gravel pit and a canyon.  To indicate that the power lines are there – presumably to warn light aircraft who might decide to fly up the gorge – there are large plastic balls on the cables, white and RED.

Power Cable ball

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5 thoughts on “10th May 2012 – A Week of Red – Power Ball

  1. cool did you use a zoom lens? i’m waiting for some sort of aircraft with red in it! 😉

  2. Cool! Well seen and å great shot. As I have said before, I love this idea. Are you thinking about doing this with other colors?

    • Hi Inga
      Yes I am. Haven’t quite decided on the next colour. I’ve seen a purple digger on a construction site. Maybe I should do purple while that is still around to take a pic of.

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