2nd May 2012 – Ground Squirrel

They might look cute but, like the grey squirrel in the UK, ground squirrels in Canada are noisy, destructive, prolific at reproducing and vermin.

They burrow in the ground and undermine structures bringing destruction to gardens and orchards.  They can be lethal to livestock because their burrow entrances are small and hidden.  Animals often get their hooves trapped and end up with injuries that require medical attention.

They act a bit like meerkats in Africa, with a lookout who, with a high-pitched single noted call, warns other family members of approaching danger.  They are obviously successful because they are all over the place!!!

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4 thoughts on “2nd May 2012 – Ground Squirrel

  1. beautiful detail and colour contrast, great shot
    (sorry but i did like caddyshack the bill murray movie with the goffers/golfers!)

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