29th April 2012 – Hard at work (Pollen Collection)

I can’t believe that it is nearly the end of April.  Where has the year gone?  Everything seems to rush past, and if it wasn’t for this photo challenge, I would forget so much of what has happened so far.  Do you feel that too?  The world just gets busier and busier and before you know it………

I was out in the sun, photographing blossoms today.  Suddenly, after torrential rain in the week and a couple of days warmth and sun, the fruit blossoms have exploded.  That really is the only word to describe it!  It seems that nature is now in a hurry to do what it needs to do; flower, pollinate, set seed, fruit and reproduce.

There are very few plants that can reproduce on their own without the help of others and I caught this bee, busy doing what it does.  It doesn’t seem to wonder about the fast passage of time.  All it does is collect pollen, take it back to the hive for the Queen Bee, make honey.  It doesn’t have any other worries.

For just a moment, I want to be a bee…….

This bee was on the blossom of a peach or nectarine (I don’t know which).  Covered in pollen from head to toe, with its pollen sacks on its legs already full, it just kept burying into the flower head to get at the rich nectar inside.

Collecting Pollen, Pollination,ISO 400, 1/2000, f5.6, 55mm lens plus 12mm extension ring, Canon XS.


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3 thoughts on “29th April 2012 – Hard at work (Pollen Collection)

  1. Excellent shot! So beautiful and with great details. Love it 🙂

  2. lovely shot! 🙂

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