World Bird Wednesday – Killdeer

It was the call that attracted me first to find this bird, scouring the lake edge, looking for tiny morsels.  It was the only one around on a beach which boasted mallards, blackbirds, sparrows, and the occasional osprey flying overhead.  This had to be the noisiest of them all.

This is my entry to this week’s World Bird Wednesday – The Killdeer, a member of the Plover family.  Distinctions: the two black rings around it’s neck, and it’s call!!  A loud insistent kill-deeeer, repeated; a plaintive dee-eeee (rising).  You’ll definitely hear this one before you see it.

Shorebird, plover,

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9 thoughts on “World Bird Wednesday – Killdeer

  1. they almost look like they’re from the pigeon family

  2. Lovely picture..;)

  3. Great photo!!

  4. Lovely shot of the Killdeer. Amazingly, the chicks hatch with eyes open and as soon as their feathers are dry, they’re running around.

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