21st April 2012 – Wax Flowers in Macro

These tiny “wax” flowers were part of a gift from my husband.  He knows that I love to have fresh flowers in the home and made the effort today to make sure that I had some to replace carnations and gypsophila that we had bought some three weeks ago.

I love the delicate pink petals and the glossy, waxy surface in the ‘saucer’ of the flower.  Quite amazing.  And thanks to some macrophotography, you can see the detail too.

I did a little investigation and the Latin name for these is Chamelaucium uncinatum.

Bouquet arrangement fillers, Chamelaucium uncinatum

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8 thoughts on “21st April 2012 – Wax Flowers in Macro

  1. i could not pronounce that word if i tried…lol lovely pic!

  2. Lovely pictures but not a flower I like much… I like soft and thrilly

    • I can understand why you would say that. They are tough little flowers on tough stems. I can imagine a bush of these in the desert swarming with flowers. I think the colour would be a incredible in the middle of a landscape that doesn’t have much.

  3. gorgeous and great detail

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