20th April 2012 – Water Bombers (Canadair CL-215)

What a wonderful day it has been today.  I have taken so many photographs.  However, the majority of them were of the ‘bird’ kind, feathered and aeronautical!!!!  There will be another time for the feathered variety but today is devoted to those “Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines”!

I love aeroplanes.  Unfortunately, there are not too many around here in the Okanagan to photograph, and certainly there are very little of my favourites which are military planes and helicopters.  However, we had a welcome visit from the water bombers from the North West Territories practicing their water landings on the Okanagan Lake, getting ready for the fire season.

This Canadair CL-215 could be seen from Summerland, circling the lake, approaching for a ‘landing’, skimming over the lake and taking on board water into its belly, and then taking off again.  It then dropped the water and came around to do it all over again.  Practice makes perfect, they say.  I lost count!

I have come to the conclusion that for all aerial photography, I am going to need a longer lens!  My 200mm zoom just didn’t quite come up to standard.  I’ll have to save up for it.

Canadair CL-215 Water BomberCanadair CL-215 Water Bomber

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4 thoughts on “20th April 2012 – Water Bombers (Canadair CL-215)

  1. i was wondering when i would see some sort of flying pictures up here!!! aaand here they are!! awesome!

  2. Sonel on said:

    Stunning! 🙂

  3. Here in Southern California we get to see both water bomber airplanes and water bomber helicopters in action. Unfortunately, way too often, although the last big event that required dozes of them was the October 2007 wildfires.

    • Wild fires are such a danger these days, now that we humans have populated the areas of scrub and forest. Once upon a time, this would have been nature’s way of regeneration and cure of disease. Now we humans can’t run the risk of letting them get out of hand.
      The bombers and helicopters are wonderful sites as they drop their water. My hat gpes off to the pilots and firefighters who put themselves in danger to fight the fires.

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