17th April 2012 – Cracked – the affects of time and water in rock.

I was driving by a fantastic rock face today.  It is not too tall, about 30ft high and about 100ft long, but the cracks in it made me take a second look.  Most of the angles of the cracks ran from bottom left to top right as I looked at the rock face, except for one which decided to do things differently.  You’ll see what I mean from the photo.

What was also appealing was the way that the moss had grown over the rock face, absorbing what moisture it could.  It is a lovely green at the moment but as the water source dries up as warmer weather comes, and the sun gets stronger, that green fades.

I’m combining today’s post with the 52 Pick Up Challenge from Sherene at PrintSensePhotography.  The theme this week is “GROWTH”.  So my green moss, growing over the rock face, qualifies……

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7 thoughts on “17th April 2012 – Cracked – the affects of time and water in rock.

  1. ahhh the sweet mountains!

    • Thanks for the visit Sherene. Loving your 52 Pick Up Challenge. It does what is says – challenges – and I often have to go out with your theme in mind, looking for the shot to fit!

  2. Sonel on said:

    Absolutely gorgeous as usual Kate! Love it and great entry hon! 🙂

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